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This video is about Where You Should Stay In Sapa Vietnam | BEST Homestay. This place is called Yen’s House. Be sure to check it out if you’re looking for a cozy homestay to stay at while you’re in Sapa, Vietnam!

What to Do/ Where to Go:
3 Trails to ride motorbikes on
It is better if you ride motorbikes as there are many beautiful sights to see that is quite a ways from the town and it would be hard to get to otherwise. There are trekking tours that you can take if you don’t drive or maybe you could even consider hiring a driver per day to take you, but I can’t speak much on this since I didn’t do this, it’s just an idea that you’ll have to figure out on your own if you don’t drive motorbike. You can typically rent a motorbike through the accommodation you stay at and they should arrange a decent one for you to try. The service will usually deliver the bikes and it’s good to make sure everything is in order before you agree to go out driving it. For instance, make sure the helmets work snapping securely to your head, make sure the gas and speedometer works especially the gas. Renting through your accommodation can be more convenient and will help support them, but if you suspect that they may be overcharging you, you can always look elsewhere.
What to See:
The town itself is actually quite nice with everything you need being within the town and is quite walkable. There are many cafes, restaurants, bars, and even some clubs if you look. Many nice things are close together and the lake in the middle of the town is a nice touch as it is beautiful to look at as the clouds fly through the town and especially as the lights of the town reflect across the lake at night.
The main thing really to see is the beautiful mountainous countryside and rice patty fields.

What to Eat:
There is a local food known as Hyomg food, it’s hard to describe, but supposedly I was eating one of the dishes shown here. This place is located near the center of town where this roundabout is and Kafa cafe next to the lake. It has a nice, local type vibe where people come with their families and friends to relax, unwind, eat, drink, and have a good time. There’s also some good bbq right next to the river and used to be this place, but it’s going out of business from what a friend told me. If you’re looking somewhere for lunch that’s not touristy and is more local not only with their food, but also prices, then you should check out this place located at this roundabout here next to the market. As for cafes, you have to check it one out located on a cliff side and seems as if it’s in the clouds. Of course, there’s other local cafes to check out, but I didn’t really go to those as they’re typically more expensive than the franchise brands like Kafa or Cong. I was personally satisfied with chilling and drinking coffee in Kafa cafe.

Where to Stay:
There are many charming places to stay at especially when it comes to places with scenic views with upscale prices or quaint home stays with a warm welcoming feel to them. One place I highly recommend is this wonderful and very friendly homestay called:

How to Get There:
You can take a large bus for about $10 per trip or a luxury van with less people for about $20 per trip. I’ve taken the $20 luxury van, which was pretty good, it is called
The other bus I saw that seems good and you can lay down or even watch TV in is this bus:

How Long to Stay There:
Sapa is a beautiful place to really come to and unwind, relax, and savor the moments you spend here so recommend taking time to explore and enjoy your trip here. So, I would say maybe at least 3 days or more for your trip.

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